There’s something for everyone in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Exhibits and events are constantly changing. It’s always easy to find a good reason to visit. Stopping by their website before visiting the museum grounds is a smart idea.

Finding the Perfect Exhibition
Planning a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or any other museum means taking time to become familiar with the types of exhibits offered at the museum. Most museums have what is known as a permanent collection, which means that such pieces are owned by the museum. If an item is not in the museum’s permanent collection, this means the particular piece of art might not be on display in the museum for long.

One such piece of art is the subject of some speculation between curators at the museum. Advanced techniques have been used on a few particular pieces of work in the Met’s permanent collection to gain further insight into the artist’s intentions.

Recent News at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
In recent news, a group of curators at the Met found a discovery on two paintings in the museum’s private collection. This is a great example of how things can go unnoticed for years until someone has the idea to take a further look. Two paintings by Jan van Eyck are the subject of much discussion in a series of articles on the Met’s website and blog. The discovery of hidden lettering around the frame might never have been found if not for the bright idea to use x-radiography.

About the Metropolitan Museum of Art
As many lucky New Yorkers are aware, the Met has more than one location. Tourists of New York might be baffled to find out that there are three different parts of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Fifth Avenue is located in Central Park, off of Fifth Avenue. The Met Breuer is located on Madison Avenue, not far from Central Park; this part of the Met comes packaged in a unique building, for its focus is on modern art. Lastly, the Met Cloisters focuses on the medieval West. Find out more about the Metropolitan Museum of Art by checking out the About Page on their website.

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