Here, you can find several of Anatoly Vanetik’s art history presentations and some great lectures to further your understanding of it. There’s quite a bit to learn when it comes to art history, so what better a place to start than right here?



Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History: Romanticism

Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History: Neoclassicism

Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History: The Renaissance and Humanism

Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History: Early Renaissance


Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History:  The Stone Age

Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History:  Ancient Egypt


Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History: Ancient Rome

Breaking down art into a more specific set of era and locations can give deeper insight into the artists, styles and inspiration for art from both the past and present.

10 Important Art Terms That You Should Know

If you’re new to art history, here’s where you need to start. These terms will pop up over and over again, so it’s best to have a full understanding of what they mean!

Cool Egyptian Art Mini-Doc

The thing about ancient Egyptian art is that is has the ability to captivate audiences of any age. Take a peek at this (short!) video and unleash that inner wonder.



An Intro to Byzantine Art

Byzantine art has the ability to mystify, with it’s beautiful murals and all. But it gets glossed over in a lot of elementary art history books— we never seem to give it the same time as we do the art of the earlier Roman Empire. Learn more with this great BBC documentary!



What’s the Big Deal About Florence?

Whenever we talk about the renaissance, Florence almost always comes up. But why?

A (Brief) Timeline of Western Art

Zip through art history and get acquainted with some of the major movements in the Western art world.

Art History Timeline from Tony Vanetik


Documentary: History of Ideas— Art

Seriously one of the better comprehensive art history videos Youtube has to offer.



The 10 Most Famous Paintings In The World

The stories behind some of the most recognizable paintings in the world.