Anatoly Vanetik Neoclassical art

Anatoly’s Art History: Neoclassical Art

February 23, 2017

  I don’t have a background in art. I’m not much of an artist myself. I don’t do much painting anymore, nor do I sculpt or draw. But just as you don’t have to play baseball to watch the Dodgers or play football to watch your local team, I love art despite not participating in the creation too heavily.  So while I may not paint or draw, what I do is write–both here on ...

anatoly vanetik renaissance

Anatoly’s Art History: Renaissance Humanism

January 11, 2017

As a lover of all things art-related, I’ve used these platforms as a means of cataloging my journey through the various periods of art history. Studying the past is one of the most efficient means of exploring the culture of those who created art before us. And it is precisely that history that can lend insight into the people and their art. Art, like people, changes over time. ...


Anatoly’s Art History: The Renaissance

January 1, 2017

To better explore a culture, to better examine the past and to better understand the history and people that came before us, we can study art. In some form, art has existed essentially since the dawn of time. Like people and cultures, through, art has changed. Looking, even casually, at art from the past, ignoring the subtleties and nuances that each artist inserts into their own work still ...

Tony Vanetik art history

Anatoly’s Art History: The Stone Age Part III

October 1, 2016

Bringing yourself in touch with the art & culture of a time period can be achieved easily by narrowing your focus of concentration to a type of art or specific culture.  Breaking down art history into its five distinct categories in a recent post, I’ve decided to dive deeply into each era individually, exploring the intricacies of what made ancient art ancient, or what makes modern art ...