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Academic Art

April 4, 2017

An everlasting truth to art is that it changes over time. As it continues to evolve, I find myself fascinated with the road it took to get there. I am not at all an art historian, nor do I still practice art much anymore. My simple intrigue of art over the ages is what inspired me to not mimic artists by continuing my own art, but rather write about them instead. Just as art evolves over the ...

anatoly vanetik romanticism

Anatoly’s Art History: Romanticism

March 1, 2017

You may consider me a “non-practicing” artist. Although I am by no means an expert in art history, I do find fascination in evolution of art among various eras. Considering my art in the form of writing, I do take time to share art history by shedding light to the past that emerged into the present. Movements in art history show how humankind expressed themselves among ages to ages. Like ...

Anatoly Vanetik Neoclassical art

Anatoly’s Art History: Neoclassical Art

February 23, 2017

  I don’t have a background in art. I’m not much of an artist myself. I don’t do much painting anymore, nor do I sculpt or draw. But just as you don’t have to play baseball to watch the Dodgers or play football to watch your local team, I love art despite not participating in the creation too heavily.  So while I may not paint or draw, what I do is write–both here on ...

anatoly vanetik renaissance

Anatoly’s Art History: Renaissance Humanism

January 11, 2017

As a lover of all things art-related, I’ve used these platforms as a means of cataloging my journey through the various periods of art history. Studying the past is one of the most efficient means of exploring the culture of those who created art before us. And it is precisely that history that can lend insight into the people and their art. Art, like people, changes over time. ...