The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

May 28, 2017

  If you have been following along with Anatoly Vanetik’s art history blogs, then you know we’ve reached the era of Pre-Raphaelite Art. In case you missed any art blogs covering a multitude of styles and eras, you can catch up by reading more from Anatoly. If you are an art lover and have an appreciation for the history behind art as Anatoly does, he invites you to follow along ...


Anatoly Vanetik’s Art History: Realism

May 2, 2017

Although I rarely practice art myself, I do still find a keen fascination in the study of art and it’s vast history. If you, like me, have a love of history and art through the ages, I invite you to continue exploring eras of art, granting a deeper understanding of how art has evolved. The most recent decade of art we are lead to is the era of Realism as we decompose it’s culture and ...

Anatoly-Vanetik-Academic -Art

Academic Art

April 4, 2017

An everlasting truth to art is that it changes over time. As it continues to evolve, I find myself fascinated with the road it took to get there. I am not at all an art historian, nor do I still practice art much anymore. My simple intrigue of art over the ages is what inspired me to not mimic artists by continuing my own art, but rather write about them instead. Just as art evolves over the ...

anatoly vanetik romanticism

Anatoly’s Art History: Romanticism

March 1, 2017

You may consider me a “non-practicing” artist. Although I am by no means an expert in art history, I do find fascination in evolution of art among various eras. Considering my art in the form of writing, I do take time to share art history by shedding light to the past that emerged into the present. Movements in art history show how humankind expressed themselves among ages to ages. Like ...