Art history is the eye of the past. It is the study of history and development of the visual arts such as sculptures, paintings, and architecture, and their meaning in the context they were created. Art history is a valuable domain to learn and study about through quality resources that provide credible and valid information. Many of these resources are accessible online, which can be time and cost-effective while opening many interesting venues for learning about the history of art. This discipline has come under scrutiny recently, and its importance is being questioned.

Importance of Art History

Art history is important for lending valuable information to understanding past cultures and civilizations. It often depicts life, or objects from life, at the time it was created. Art history accounts for past events, shows the evolution of civilizations, and develops critical thinking when translating the meaning of specific art forms.

4 Informative Resources for Art History 

Learning about and teaching art history is extremely important for our future, and having reliable, valid resources will enrich this experience greatly. Many of the resources offer an abundance of information, and they supply other resources to further enhance the topic being studied. Four exciting resources that will give you unlimited information regarding art history are discussed below.

  1. Teaching Platforms

Teaching platforms offer peer-populated, open educational content for teachers from teachers that will support classroom, museum, and online learning of art history and its value.

  1. Libraries (online)

Online library resources provide valuable information about databases containing journals and articles that are useful in art history research.

  1. Art History Academia Websites

Academia websites offer innovative information regarding art history. They are playing a critical role in the recent rethinking of art history. This information is kept current regarding the political views and obstacles facing this discipline.

  1. Art History Online Magazines

Online magazines offer up to date, international information that pertains to art history from established and emerging scholars.

Take Away

Art history is a valuable topic to learn about, and finding the right resources can give you the most current and quality information from teams of knowledgeable specialists. To have a bright future, we must look to our past, and art history provides the key to open the door.