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Who is Anatoly?

Anatoly Vanetik is a noted leader in the oil, gas, and technology industries

All of his life, Anatoly has been a lover of art. He especially enjoys learning about the stories behind the works of art throughout decades and eras. Anatoly Vanetik collects art books and reads them whenever he can, learning about the historical contexts and stylistic trends that guided some of the most beautiful and inspiring pieces that still exist today. Art history is one of the biggest driving forces of Tony’s life outside of his professional work in consulting and investing. He continues to educate himself in art, ranging from classic seventeenth-century paintings to modern photography of nature and everything in between. He particularly likes portraits and other art that focuses on depicting people.

Anatoly Vanetik–who also goes by Tony– believes that by understanding the history and true purpose of art, we can better understand ourselves. Art, according to Tony, can tell us stories of the past, dictating the feelings, thoughts, emotions and lives of those who came before us. By studying and gaining a truer understanding of what the pieces of art both large and small from history really mean, we gain a better understanding of what they were trying to tell us. The continuation of the scrutinous study of art and its history can unravel worlds, tell stories and paint pictures of the past even before language existed.

In addition to art and art history, Anatoly Vanetik is passionate about animals, especially the health and safety of dogs. He contributes to local shelters and he sponsors creative events such as the Dapper Dog Social, an event in Santa Ana, California in which pet owners dress their dogs to impress, whether it’s for mock dog “weddings,” fashion shows, competitive races, and educational sessions about training. These events in which Anatoly Vanetik participates help raise awareness for local animal rescue centers, such as Lovebugs Rescue and Barks of Love in Orange County, California. They also help raise funds, create adoption opportunities, and teach proper dog/human interaction and first aid practices.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

Tony is always looking for ways to support the strays and rescues of Orange County, and because he has decades of experience in financially supporting and growing companies, the best way for him to help rescue shelters is through sponsorship of events. Not only do these happenings enrich the lives of the local dogs of Orange County, but they also contribute to a more vibrant, exciting, and united community as a whole. Tony is proud to give back to his community.

Recently, Anatoly Vanetik adopted a German Shephard by the name of “Maks” who is a little over a year old. The two have formed an extremely close bond and where one travels, the other follows in companionship. Tony considers Maks his best friend, as he firmly believes that all dogs are man’s best friend. He has always had a dog in his home to love and cherish. Prior to Maks, Hobo was Tony’s companion. Hobo was a Rottweiler that Tony raised until the final days of Hobo’s life, and enjoyed their time as companions. Although Anatoly Vanetik misses Hobo terribly, Maks has become an important part of the Vanetik family.

Outside of his work with local dogs, Tony also feels strongly about the ongoing care and protection of animals that are in threat of endangerment or extinction. He recently started a new website, AnatolyVanetik.com that hosts blogs and information about animal welfare, activism and our furry friends courtesy of Anatoly himself. His blogs follow a fun, yet informative perspective of pet ownership, animal rights and more. Whether you’re looking for information on adopting a dog, activities to do with your dog or want to know about what’s happening in the animal welfare world, Anatoly Vanetik shares it all. You can consider Tony an animal rights activist with a very big heart for dogs, aside from his passion in art.

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