About Anatoly Vanetik

Anatoly Vanetik is a businessman and leader in the oil, gas, and technology industries. He brings many years of professional experience to the table as a trusted advisor and fiscal supporter. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Anatoly is also a lover of art. He enjoys learning about the different stories behind various works of art throughout different decades and eras.

As part of his passion for art, Anatoly Vanetik has been collecting art books for many years, and reads them whenever he has free time. He enjoys learning about the historical contexts and stylistic trends that guided some of the most beautiful and inspiring pieces that still exist today. Art history is one of the biggest driving forces of Anatoly’s life outside of his professional work in consulting and investing. He continues to educate himself in art, ranging from classic seventeenth-century paintings to modern photography of nature, and everything in between. He is also a big fan of portraits and other art that focuses on depicting people.



Anatoly Vanetik

Anatoly Vanetik: Background And Passions

In addition to his love for art and art history, Anatoly Vanetik is also passionate about animals, especially when it comes to the health and safety of dogs. He contributes to local shelters and he sponsors creative events, including the Dapper Dog Social, an event in Santa Ana, California where pet owners dress their dogs to impress. Examples include mock dog “weddings,” fashion shows, competitive races, and educational sessions about training. Anatoly Vanetik participates in a variety of events to help raise awareness for local animal rescue centers, including Lovebugs Rescue and Barks of Love in Orange County, California. In addition to raising awareness, they also raise funds, create adoption opportunities, and teach proper dog/human interaction and first aid practice.

Anatoly Vanetik is always looking for ways to support stray and rescue animals in Orange County. Because of Anatoly’s experience in financially supporting and growing companies, he found that the best way for him to help rescue shelters is by sponsoring events. Not only do the events help to enrich the lives of local dogs in Orange County, but they also contribute to a more vibrant, exciting, and united community as a whole. Anatoly is always proud to give back to his community.

Recently, Anatoly Vanetik adopted a German Shepard by the name of “Maks.” The two immediately formed an extremely close bond, and they now travel together. Anatoly considers Maks his best friend, as he firmly believes that all dogs are man’s best friend. Prior to Maks, Anatoly had Hobo as his companion. Hobo was a Rottweiler that Anatoly raised until his final days, and although he continues to miss Hobo, is thankful to have Maks in his family.

Anatoly Vanetik is also passionate about the continue care and protection of animals that are in threat of endangerment or extinction. He began his website, AnatolyVanetik.com to host a blog where he talks about animal welfare, activism and animals in general. The blog is both a fun and informative perspective of pet ownership, animal rights, and more. Whether you’re looking for information on adopting a dog, activities to do with your dog, or what to know about what’s happening in the animal welfare world, Anatoly Vanetik shares it all. You can consider Anatoly an animal rights activist with a very big heart for dogs.